Indigenous cultures all over the world have ancient traditions in hand made art, crafts and jewelry. Our hope is to inspire future generations  by creating art and sharing our cultures.

Jingle Earrings

Jingles were once metal tobacco lids and other round metal objects that were rolled into a cone shape to then be sewn onto a Jingle dress. We are proud to be exclusively using Native made Jingles by Anishinaabe Bimishimo for our jewelry.

Indigenous Block Art Prints

Both Alecia and Chance hand carve original designs into linoleum and wood blocks and then hand print the blocks onto paper and cards.

Each design is an original creation of our talented and gifted artists.


Our inspired logo and other artwork featuring the Eagle and the Condor can be found on our unique line of original merchandise, including enameled pins, t-shirts and sweatshirts.

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