Indigenous Owned and Operated Since 2018

Indigenous Since Forever

Jingle earrings made from tobacco lids

Jingle Earrings

Jingles for Jingle dresses were originally made from tobacco lids and other objects

Art prints from hand-carved wood and linoleum blocks

Art Prints

Printed from hand-carved wood and linoleum blocks

Customized merchandise on display


Customized with our original logo and other artwork

Sustaining our Cultures

Sharing indigenous art and crafts is what we indigenous people have always done. The Pacific Northwest has a long indigenous history in sharing, trades, arts, culture and news between local and international tribes.

At Indigenous Come Up, we are sustaining our cultures by creating and promoting original designs and crafts by Indigenous artists.  Indigenous Come Up founded the Portland Indigenous Marketplaces to ensure that the local indigenous artists are able to vend in culturally respectful spaces and events.

Indigenous Come Up is committed to supporting other Indigenous businesses when ever possible. We exclusively use Anishinaabe Bimishimo Jingles because they are the only Native made Jingles that we have had the opportunity to work with.

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Why We Do What We Do

Buying Indigenous -made and -designed products by Indigenous-owned businesses is a challenge because of the relentless cultural appropriation of the retail industry and the history of worldwide indigenous cultural suppression.

Indigenous cultures are only sustained if passed on. We strive to connect our consumers to our indigenous culture by sharing how our products represent our cultures, in the hopes of sustaining our cultural ways. 

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