Indigenous Made and Designed Art, Crafts and Jewelry

Unique Craft Products

Jingle Earrings

Traditional craft originally made from tobacco lids

Art Prints

Printed from hand-carved wood and linoleum blocks


Customized with our inspired logo and other artwork

Preserving Traditions

Sharing Indigenous art and crafts is what we Indigenous people have always done. The Pacific Northwest has an exceptional Indigenous history in sharing, trades, arts, culture and news between an impressively diverse Indigenous communities from the west.

At Indigenous Come Up, we are preserving these cultural traditions by creating original designs by Indigenous artists using as many Indigenous materials as possible. We honor what is sometimes referred to as the Columbia River Trade Network, by continuing to practice our traditions in creating and sharing our wares.

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Who we work with

We support young adults who have survived government and tribal systems.

All young adults deserve a community, and an opportunity to showcase their talents. Yet there are few to no resources available to young adults who have survived government and tribal systems.

Indigenous Come Up strives to help reduce the vast void in programming and resources available to these young people.

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